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BRQ Business Card Photos!

BRQ at Cliffs of Moher.jpg

At Cliffs of Moher, Ireland.

It's the fad that's (soon to be) sweeping the nation!  Just take a BRQ business card and photograph it in front of something or someplace interesting and/or recognizable, anywhere in the world (including close to home, of course).

Email it to us and we'll include it in our ever-expanding gallery (below) of BRQ business card photos.  How cool is that?

Just click on the link above to send in a photo.  Please mention where the photo was taken, and tell us if you'd prefer to remain anonymous or be credited.  Or if you prefer to be credited under a fake name, that's fine too, just let us know.


If you need a BRQ business card in order to get started, click on the same link and send us your address and we'll mail you one.  (You can also get them at any BRQ gig -- they're in a holder next to the mailing list sign-up sheet.)

No limit on the number of entries.  Knock yourself out!

Click on any photo to see a larger version

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