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Photo Contest!

Our photo contest rules are insanely simple:

1.  Anyone is eligible to enter, by emailing one or more pictures of BRQ (or any portion thereof) from a gig.

2.  If your photo is selected, you will win two fabulous prizes: (a) your winning photo will appear on this web page with a credit to you as photographer, and (b) you will be separately credited on this page as a contributing BRQ photographer.  Heady stuff, eh?

So without further ado, below are the results to date in this ongoing high-stakes (and high-status) competition.

Contributing BRQ Photographers 

Barbara Bernstein

Elizabeth Easton

Mary Lavery Flynn

Erwan Illien

Steven Bognar*

Peter Kim

Steve Ladd

Sherry Novick

Polski Podróżnik

Beth Rockmill Natalie Roden

Beebee Simmons

Barbara Tuss

* Academy Award Winner

Gallery of Winning BRQ Photos

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