Photo Contest!

Our photo contest rules are insanely simple:

1.  Anyone is eligible to enter, by emailing one or more pictures of BRQ (or any portion thereof) from a gig.

2.  If your photo is selected, you will win two fabulous prizes: (a) your winning photo will appear on this web page with a credit to you as photographer, and (b) you will be separately credited on this page as a contributing BRQ photographer.  Heady stuff, eh?

So without further ado, below are the results to date in this ongoing high-stakes (and high-status) competition.

Contributing BRQ Photographers 

Barbara Bernstein

Elizabeth Easton

Mary Lavery Flynn

Erwan Illien

Peter Kim

Steve Ladd

Sherry Novick

Polski Podróżnik

Beth Rockmill Natalie Roden

Beebee Simmons

Barbara Tuss

Gallery of Winning BRQ Photos

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